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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Why Data Quality Is Like A Public Toilet...

...and other perspectives on Data Governance. My interview with Nicola Askham. 

Data Governance Coach Nicola Askham has been hosting a series of interviews with folks involved in Data Governance and Information Management, and was kind enough to ask me to be her latest victim guest. 

We covered a broad range of perspectives on the topic, including:

  • Why you shouldn't start out in data governance if you want a career in data governance.
  • The mindset of good data management.
  • The importance of sociology, psychology and philosophy for Information Management practitioners.
  • Why data quality is like a public toilet. (Yes, really.)

I would like to reiterate my thanks to Nicola for asking me to be part of her interview series - I'm honoured to be included in the same company as Gwen Thomas, Jill Wanless, Jim Orr, Daragh O'Brien, Sunil Soares and Patrick Dewald. 

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