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Favourite articles

Data-driven Business Value and Outcomes

Information Culture
No Money for DQ? Try to decentralise (Loraine Lawson commentary WRT Alan Duncan)
When you're not ready for Data Governance (Gwen Thomas)
Beware the Ides of March (Jim Harris on readiness and Top/Down vs Bottom/Up approaches)
Can you make data sexy? (Anna Russell on Which-50)
What Magic Teaches Us About Data Science (Jim Harris on The Data Round Table)
Use data to support arguments, not arguments to support data (commentary on a culture of evidence-based decision-making)
Don't Fuck Up the Culture!
How Big Data Will affect your company culture (Mark van Rijmanam)
From a product-driven to information-driven organisation (Mark van Rijmanam)
Data Lovers vs Data Haters (Big-DataStartups.com)

Data & Ethics
The ethics behind a best-practice Big Data Strategy

Information & Psychology
Data Science vs The Hunch
Gamified Data Governance
Successful ICT - what can we learn from Social Sciences
When Beliefs and Facts Collide
58 Cognitive Biases that Screw Up Everything We Do
Getting out of your comfort zone: why it's hard, and why you should
How the language we speak shapes the way we think
Can data change an already made up mind?
4 Step Guide to Critical Thinking Skills
How Buzzfeed manipulates Fast & Slow Thinking to win the Internet
Best jobs for each personality Myers/Briggs type
In defense of the indefensible: dealing with folks for whom data doesn't cut it. 
The Psychology of Web Design
The Benjamin Franklin Effect - self-delusions and being nice to people
Ethnography adds the Why to Big Data
Attitude? What attitude?! The work attitudes of Millenials
Are you the one Executive in 10 who isn't clueless? (Forbes on data-driven decision-making and confirmation bias)
Impressions shaped by facial appearance foster biased decisions
What Maslow's Hierarchy Won't Tell You About Motivation (HBR)
Making students partners in data-driven approaches to learning
Why People Fly From Facts (Scientific American)
I Don't Want To Be Right (New Yorker)
Can You Inoculate Against Science Denial? (Newsweek)
The 12 most common cognitive biases that prevent you being rational

Data Governance
Creating a Data Governance Council: enlisting champions to lead (SearchDataManagement on Top/Down DG. NB: compare with "To centralise or not to centralise...").
Ten Steps to Data Governance for small to medium enterprises (IBM Survey via Information-Management.com)
Beware the Ides of March (Jim Harris on Top/Down vs. Bottom/Up)
Tips for effective Data Governance (Garry Allemann)
Strengths and Weaknesses of Information Governance for Records Management
Best Practices for Data Governance (DataVersity)
Data Governance and Data Quality - is it on your agenda? (AAIR SIG article, with additional references)
Self-service BI and Governance too (Howard Dresner)
IBM Redbook - Information Governance Solutions (IBM)
10 Signs you might have a Data Governance Problem (TechRepublic)
8 Myths about Information Governance (AIIM)

Information Management Policies & Standards

Data Quality Management
Dimensions of Data Quality (Information-Management.com)
Lack of a Centralised Approach Hurting Data Quality (Information-Management.com. NB: Compare with "Share the love...")
DQ Assessment requires ties to business, and a human touch (SearchDataManagement)
How to present Data Quality metrics (SAP Community Network)
The state of data quality is worsening
Identifying Data Quality Issues via profiling, Reasonability (SearchDataManagement)
How Accessibility plays a key role in Data Quality
Data Quality survey by InfoGov Community
Poor data quality? Check for model gaps. (Dylan Thomas for SAS)
The Road To Data Quality: A Journey You Can't Afford to Miss (EMC Case Study)
Data Quality is a Line Function (including 10 habits for high quality data, by Thomas Redman)
Data Integrity Rules (DataVersity)
Data Quality for Big Data (Garry Allemann blog)
Measuring the confidence of data (IBM survey results)

Data Management Technologies

Data Modelling

KPMG Survey: Firms struggle with Big Data 
Eight, no nine! problems with Big Data (NY Times)
Educating the Big Data generation (Forbes)
Conflict and Surprise: Big Data's Storytelling Potential (SmartDataCollective)
10 more powerful facts about Big Data (Information Week)
Does Big Data mean Big Metadata (Robin Bloor on Information-Management.com)
How to explain "Big Data" to a Fifth Grader
A to Z of "Big Data"
Overlooked aspects of "Big Data" Product Management (interview with Ben Woo, MD of Neuralytix)
Data Strategies for the Internet of Things (Open Data blog. [French])
Understanding Big Data: Infrastructure & analytics (summary of key vendor offerings)
Dear CIO, you do not have a "data lake" (KD Nuggets)
38 seminal articles every data scientist should read
The context conundrum (IBM Data Mag)
Top 10 Big Data and Analytics Infographics 2014 (IBM Data Mag)
12 definitions of "Big Data" - what's yours?!

Analytics & Business Intelligence
Information Week: BI & Analytics Report 2014
More Than Pretty Pictures: Visualizing Insight (Julie Hunt on SmartDataCollective)
Analyse Data With Bubble Plots in SAS Visual Analytics (Stephen Overton on SmartDataCollective)
The 5 "Ps" of effective dashboard delivery
4 Stages for adopting Big Data and Analytics (Jim Harris)
A Google Analytics Resource Guide of Epic Proportions
12 Essentials of Prescriptive Analytics for Student Success
"Colour Matrix" approach to mining relationships (from SpaceTime Research)
Actuate BIRT i-Hub software - free offer
50 best Business Intelligence tools
25 KPIs everyone should understand
Top 100 Analytic Startups of 2014 (Forbes)

Data Science
Transdisciplinary Data Science Skills
The Data Science Cheat-sheet
Data Science work is creative work
Statistics are dead, long live Data Science - the lunatics are running the asylum
Data Science for Machines vs Data Science for Humans?
22 Skills of a Data Scientist (Dataconomy)
Distrust Your Data - six ways to make mistakes with data

ETL & Data Integration
10 KPI Checks for Data Quality after ETL (More integrity checks and reconciliations than DQ)

Information Security
Methodology & Practice

Social Media


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