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Resources and downloads

Discussion papers, templates, methods and guidelines for you to download and use.

Data Quality By Design: managing data quality for data warehouse & business intelligence environments (June 2014)

In this discussion paper, I explore the issues of data quality in data warehouse, business intelligence and analytic environments, and propose an approach based on "Data Quality by Design"
For more information on this paper, see here....

Data Specification & Information Requirements Framework (May 2014)

This example framework offers a set of outline principles, standards and guidelines to describe and clarify the semantic meaning of data terms in support of an Information Requirements Management process. It provides template guidance to Information Management, Data Governance and Business Intelligence practitioners for such circumstances that need clear, unambiguous and reliable understanding of the context, semantic meaning and intended usages for data:
For more of my thoughts on the effective capture of business information requirements, see here...

Distributed Data Quality: why a centralised approach isn't the only way of achieving better data outcomes (March 2014)
For more information on this paper, see here....

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