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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Exciting times! I have joined the advisory board of QFire Software

I am delighted to have joined the newly formed advisory board of QFire Software, alongside Bill Inmon, President of Forest Rim Technologies LLC and "father of data warehousing". 

As an advisory board member, I will provide QFire with domain and corporate advice in the areas of Data Governance and Data Quality including input to product review, corporate strategy and approach to market, as well playing a role in customer advocacy and community engagement.

I anticipate an exciting partnership, (especially as Bill and I already see eye to eye...!)

QFire is emerging from the Australian startup market and is potentially a game changer in the area of Data Governance and Information management.  The company provides solutions for distributed data quality management and is focused on making their product very easy to use for end-users, while it is also very easy to embed within other applications - for me, that makes them unique.  

QFire’s exciting, innovative approach means that companies do not have to enter into a major project implementation to drive a culture of data quality in a business. It deploys easily and cost effectively, allowing companies to see rapid results and to drive the cultural change necessary to support the financial benefits of improved data governance.

Neil Currie, QFire Chairman and CEO comments: “We are very pleased to have Bill and Alan on board they bring  a wealth of experience to the company.  The open and honest dialogue we have with our advisiory board ensures we remain well grounded and is good for us as a startup. We don’t need to keep hearing how great what we have is - we need people who can look at our company, our strategy, our product and direction and constructively ask the hard questions that drive our ability to be successful.  We see the advisory board as people who believe in us and have those special skills that will force us to continue to differentiate ourselves in an international marketplace.”

About QFire Software
Founded in 2012, QFire Software delivers organisations the ability to understand, collect, validate, protect, monitor and enrich their data aimed at lowering the complexity of governing data quality rules, and empowering responsibility within business users.

QFire is a versatile data solution for both government and industry, delivering data quality at the desktop. Designed by business users for business users it ensures that data inaccuracies are identified and rectified before they become part of critical decision processes. 

QFire is now represented in Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Europe and the US.

Further information and full announcement form QFire can be found here...

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